Bilberry tart

For 1 tart

1,5kg bilberry
100g de sugar
2 eggs white
50g of ground almonds
Short pastry:
200g flour
100g butter
1 egg yolk
2 tablespoonfuls of hot water
2 tablespoonfuls of sugar

* Prepare the short pastry.
* Cut the butter in small pieces et let it melt in the bain-marie.
* Put flour in a salad bowl, add butter, sugar, an egg yolk, a pinch of salt and hot water. Mix.
* Spread the pasrty et arrange it in a buttered mould.
* Mix in a bowls eggs white, ground almonds and 50g of sugar.
* Cover the ground with pasrty
* Spread bilberries over it
* Put it in the oven and let et cook it 40mn
* Sprinkle with sugar and et take it out from the oven
* Serv it tepil with thick fresh cream