Porc stew

For 6

1,5kg de filet de porc
1/2 liter of red wine from Savoie
100g of fresh bacon
3 onions
salt, pepper, thyme, bay leaf
Porc blood (optional) 1 glass

* The previous day, make a marinade with red wine, thin sliced onions émincés, thyme and bay leaf.
* Cut the meat in big cubes, let them marinade during 12h minimum.
* Drain porc pieces.
* Let the bacon melt in a pressure cooker et put pieces of meat in it with a part of liquid from the marinade.
* Cook it gently, covered, during 2 hours. Add progressively the rest of juice from the marinade.
* Add the cream, and move out the fire the blood from porc
* Cook it gently 15mn, this fricassee has to be soft. Serv it with polente in gratin